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We are on a mission

The Marius Maximus Foundation for Mental Health Inc. is dedicated to providing Peer Support, resources, classes, referrals, and education about everything mental health. We strive to create involvement of teens, veterans, low-to-moderate income individuals, and families so that they may improve their quality of life. We do so by Making A Difference One Life At A Time.


We hope to succeed in providing care to all those in need in Cumberland County, North Carolina, so that soon we can expand our services and offer care to more locations, helping as many people as we can; ONE LIFE AT A TIME.

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Keep Kids Healthy and Ready to Learn

Provide Support in Disasters

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Our Vision


Our services within the community of Cumberland County NC focus on teens, veterans, and their families, however, we do provide resources to ALL in need in our community. Individuals, teens, and veterans who are having a tough time adapting, coping, communicating, and interacting with family, friends, and society will benefit from our services. Our E.S.O (Empowering Self and Others) program enables us to provide these services while giving a safe living environment for those affected by housing displacement, criminal justice involvement, and substance abuse ailments.

Our Reach.


When you donate to our foundation your funds will go directly to helping individuals, veterans, teens, and their families get the education, self-confidence, and resources to overcome the daily struggles that they face. Your contribution goes directly to the care and needs of individuals in our program and will have the greatest impact on their lives. Our program runs on complete services provided at a cost of $100 a day per individual and provides live-in services to include; mental health therapy, workshops, group therapy, life skills, recidivism services, substance abuse, and many more.



Send Donation

We can not be successful without support from individuals like yourself, every donation has the potential to save a life.

What You Can Do

Get Involved

We always need volunteers for every aspect of our foundation, if you have extra time and want to do some good please consider giving us your time.

Something Bigger

Make A Gift

Just like donations we welcome gifts to help us improve the lives of others, your gift will make a difference in the life of a struggling teen or an affected veteran.


Caring for those who have done the most, our VETERANS, and those who will shape our future our YOUTH. Helping those who are down and out and not able to help themselves.

Who We Are.


Ilana Sheppard
Founder/Executive Director
Keith Sheppard
Keith Sheppard
Co-Founder/Board Member
Kimberly Gales
Kimberly Gales
Board Member
Jacob Zepp
Vice President
Marques Davis
Projects Manager
Carl Pringle
Community Relations Officer
Rick Murello
Board Member
We Are One Big Family
Support Our Foundation


We are currently in search of organizations to join us in our mission to improve the lives of those affected by mental health in our community. We would love to add your name to our list and it would be an honor to have you be a part of our organization and form a healthy partnership that would hopefully last for many years to come. 

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